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FULL COURSE AVAILABILITY (most classes are 30-minutes)

  • BAND: Beginner Band: Grades 4-12 (for students learning an instrument for the 1st time)
  • BAND: Intermediate Band: Grades 5-12 (for students with 1-2 years Band instrument experience)
  • BAND: Advanced  Band: Grades 7-12 (for students with 3+ years Band instrument experience)
  • KEYBOARD: Beginning Keyboard Class: Grades 2+ (for students just starting on the Keyboard)
  • KEYBOARD: Intermediate Keyboard Class: Grades 2+ (for students with 1+ years Keyboard/Piano experience)

  • The complete music class registration for the 2021-22 school year! Processing Fee is WAIVED if paid in full.
    SOLO/ENSEMBLE Registration: INCLUDED (no additional cost).
    DISTRICT FESTIVAL Registration: INCLUDED (no additional cost).

Other Options

  • Band Book

    Band Book

    All of our Bands use the "Standard of Excellence" book. Students DO need a book for class & for practice at home. (We will send you the book that corresponds with your child's instrument: flute, clarinet, trumpet, etc).
    Book 1 (Red Book) is for 1st-2nd year students.
    Book 2 (Blue Book) is for 3rd-4th year students.
    Book 3 (Green Book) is for 5th+ year students.

  • Keyboard Book

    Keyboard Book

    All of our Keyboard Classes use the "Alfred's Group Piano Course" books. Students do need a book for class & practice at home.
    Book 1 (Red Book) is for 1st year students.
    Book 2 (Blue Book) is for 2nd year students.
    Book 3 (Yellow Book) is for 3rd year students.
    Book 4 (Purple Book) is for 4th year students.


  • Online Registration will allow you to pay-in-full or make 2 payments.

Terms & Agreements

DURATION: This registration is for the Band/Keyboard class for the upcoming school year ending in May, 2022.
EVENTS: This registration also includes student registration for the additional Solo/Ensemble and District Festival events that may occur (no additional charges for these events).
INSTRUMENT: Each student needs their own instrument for Band! This can be rented, purchased, or borrowed (or use one you already have).
REGISTRATION: The non-refundable Registration Fee of $50 is included above.
WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Tuition refund or withdrawal may be granted only under the following circumstances: (1) student transfers to another school; (2) serious injury or illness for an extended period of time. Written request must be received at the AIMA office (address below) within 30 days of last class attended.
DEFAULT: In case of any payment default, entire balance shall become due and payable at once, and parent agrees to assume responsibility for any additional costs or legal fees in collection of indebtedness.
PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography of Bands and Musical Ensembles may be used for promotions.

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  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
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